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Enrolment Information

Important Information Prior to Enrolment Extract from the Student Handbook, issued at Orientation.

(i) Client Selection, Enrolment & Induction

There are no educational requirements for our courses, although they are suited to mature students with the ability to self manage, work within timetables and actively participate in a classroom environment. Places are allocated in order of receipt of the Course Registration Form, together with payment of deposit. Courses will commence, subject to a sufficient number of participants, with an orientation session. Students under the age of 18 must have their parent’s approval and support. Prior to enrolment, student’s under 18 years of age must provide Active Career College with:
Course Registration Form co-signed by their parents
School reports from the previous two years
Reference letter from a previous employer (work experience acceptable)

(ii) Fees and Charges

Once enrolled, students agree to pay the full balance of fees for their selected course. Fees paid in full prior to commencement will receive a discount. Alternatively a Payment Plan Contract may be entered into with Active Career College for monthly instalments. (Arrangements must be made on enrolment and finalised prior to commencement).

(iii) Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellation refers to the withdrawal of enrolment PRIOR to commencement of the course. Withdrawal or Transfer refers to termination or change of enrolment AFTER the course commences. Any request for cancellation, withdrawal or transfer must be made in writing or by completing the Cancellation, Transfer or Refund Application Form. The following policy applies:

Cancellation prior to commencement

If the course is cancelled by Active Career College, a full refund of enrolment, tuition & equipment fees paid. Where cancellation prior to course starting is upon student request, enrolment fee is non refundable.

Withdrawal or Transfer during studies within Active Career College

The Enrolment Fee is Non refundable Equipment / Kit cost – Once issued to student, there is no refund Transfer from one Active Career College course to another – Tuition fees will be credited. No penalty applies except in the case of transfer to a lesser course, where the transfer fee is 20% of the difference between the two courses. Withdrawal from course after commencement – Initial deposit and any monies allocated to cover tuition, equipment, uniforms, text books and products will not be refunded. The early withdrawal penalty is 20% of the remaining duration of the course at $90.00 per day for beauty therapy and $100.00 per day for hairdressing. Application must be made in writing. This early withdrawal penalty is calculated form the day your application is received by Active Career College. Until receipt of your application you will be charged full tuition costs.

Payment of Refunds

Refunds, if applicable, will be paid by cheque to a nominated bank account. Payment of refund will be made within 14 days from the date Active Career College receives the written notification of cancellation or withdrawal within the prescribed times.

(iv) Provision for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Support

Students needing language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) support should identify the subject on application. In most cases support can be provided where only a low level of support is needed.

(v) Student Support

Client support is available in: Academic and Vocational Counselling; Personal Counselling; and Post Program Support.

(vi) Flexible Learning

Programs are designed to emphasise flexibility of delivery and assessment to maximise the opportunity for access and participation by students.

(vii) Welfare & Guidance

A wide range of welfare and guidance support systems are in place. These support systems include pregnancy support, drug usage support etc.

(viii) Appeals, Complaints & Grievances

Whilst we strive at all times to create an environment that is conducive to study and your learning, there may be times when you are not satisfied or have a grievance. Any complaint will be investigated thoroughly and dealt with accordingly in complete confidence.

(ix) Disciplinary Procedure

Active Career College is classified as Adult Education; our staff expect that students behave in a mature fashion within the classroom. However, if the trainer feels that a student is not behaving in a proper fashion, the student will be given no more then three warnings and may be asked to leave the room or the entire course if need be. Refund will not be given. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while in uniform off campus. Students at Active Career College are proud of themselves and their college, thus represent it with pride.

(x) Access & Equity

Enrolment for students will be conducted responsibly and ethically at all times. Active Career College is committed to non-discrimination of any form, and at all times comply with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.

(xi) Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Active Career College recognises the skills and knowledge you have gained in other courses, life experience, work experience and from any training provided at work.


Assessment is competency based and is designed to determine the standards and level of performance that will be matched against the expected competency standards. Each method will assess the student in their understanding, performance, context application and the ability to transfer skills and competencies in a variety of situations. The task of achieving the competency should be seen as a positive process where the learner undertakes the assessment to determine the degree of competency.

  • All assessments will be a participatory process where students will be advised of all assessment activities.
  • All assessments will be carried out on both merit and fairness.
  • All assessments are carried out in a valid, reliable, flexible and fair manner.
  • Assessments are competency based and are designed to determine the standards and levels of performance that will be matched against the expected competency standards.
  • Assessments and weekly test will be carried out to give students an opportunity to evaluate their study progress.
  • Students must obtain competency levels for their assignments and final examination to graduate.
  • A student who does not achieve competency (85% or higher) in any assessment tasks may re-attempt the particular assessment task.
  • Practical assessments may be observed by two trainer and assessors.
  • A student assessed as not yet competent, can appeal against the decision if they believe it to be unfair. (See Assessment Appeal).

Assessment Grades

The stated assessment grades in competency based courses are:
Competent: the participant has demonstrated competency in all relevant tasks.
Not yet competent: the participant has not yet demonstrated competency in all relevant tasks.

Assessment Appeal

The student has the right to appeal an assessment result. The appeal must be in writing, be relevant and state the reasons of appeal. The appeal must be received within 10 working days.

Training Delivery Procedures

All training has a mix of the following delivery:

  • Face to face teaching – this is when the students attend teaching session in a classroom setting.
  • Practical demonstration – this happens when the students attend the teaching session in a classroom setting and the teacher delivers a theory lesson on a procedure and then demonstrates (hands on) how the procedure is done.
  • Practical Application – this is when students apply what has been learnt in a simulated salon environment.
  • Work Placement (off campus) – the purpose of work placement is to support development of skills and ensure that students are ‘industry ready’ on completion of the course.

Work Placement

Qualification Duration
Diploma of Beauty Therapy 240 hours
Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy 160 hours
Certificate III in Hairdressing 240 hours

Work placement is a compulsory component of the above qualifications and commences during the second term. Students will be issued with a Work Placement pack and arrangements will be discussed during class.

Your work placement is supported by teacher/trainer phone calls to the workplace and onsite visits. In recognition of prior learning and experience, your trainer will negotiate with you individually, how this may be undertaken.

Clinic Sessions

Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing are supported by clinic sessions held on a weekly basis. Clinic sessions operate as a simulated salon with paying clients booking in and receiving various salon services.

Our teachers are highly trained professionals with qualifications including University and international training. By constant monitoring of the beauty and hair industry Active Career College is able to keep abreast of changes and update our curriculum as required. Which means your training is the most modern available.

We offer our students new, bright and spacious air conditioned theory and practical classrooms set up with all the most up to date equipment, including a wet room for students to learn the latest spa techniques.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having the chance to welcome you as a student at Active Career College.

De Lorenzo
De Lorenzo